While online education is exploding on the side, many educators have limited experience teaching online, even if they are excellent educators and have great content in a traditional classroom. They can do better and earn more in the process.
Even those who already teach online are finding it difficult to differentiate themselves and be found. And, those who are earning some money know that with some help they could do much better.
If you help online instructors and educators teach better, we would like to have you on our platform. You earn money doing that, and collectively we help teachers teach better.
We are eager to partner with those who have skills in teaching others to teach through online classes. There are many areas where online educators can do better, including:
1. Instructional design
2. Content development
3. Technology and systems (cameras, microphones, recording tools...)
4. Presentation styles and formats
5. How to design content that is found online (including SEO)
We are looking for content (articles, videos, courses) to help educators.
There are many ways we can collaborate with you.
Join us now!
Teachinguide in a platform bringing together big data and education. Our platform uses over 2 terabytes of data to help inform instructors on how to structure content, optimize SEO, and many other ways to empower them to enhance the educational experience for students and make more money.