Teachinguide Update – December 2018

Christmas is approaching fast and our way to give includes adding more exciting functionality and features to our Teachinguide Web App.

Here is an overview of the biggest updates in November and December so far.


  • Our course database tutorial on how to use it effectively is live.
  • Enhanced free trial with no need to give any payment information upfront.
  • Added an option to bring friends and get 7 more free days in return.
  • Added PayPal support for paid subscriptions.

Course Monitor

  • You can easily add a new course to the tracker by just pasting the course URL
  • All columns are customizable and can be hidden or made visible again
  • You can use multi-column-sort by pressing shift when clicking on columns
  • The subcategory-rank now has an indicator on whether the course improved or declined in its ranking from last week
  • Keyword Ranking has been improved to quickly visually see each change from last week for each keyword ranking the course has. This includes new rankings, improvement, declines or losing a rank.

  • Backlinks for courses. This again is a very big feature. We now show you all backlinks a course has currently with few days delay only. This includes many important metrics about the authority of the referring site/domain as well the traffic and organic keyword rankings that page has. You can use that to better understand competitors sales strategy and get potential sites for your own SEO initiatives.

Course Database

  • Added competitive field: Keyword Ranking Power (KWRP)
    • A metric for keyword rankings on Udemy within the subcategory. Its based on the number of ranked keywords, the rank, and their traffic volume. The higher the metric, the more sales the course is expected to get from Udemy rankings.
  • Added competitive field: Backlink Power (BLP)
    • An estimate on how strong the course landing page (CLP) has been referred by high authority domains and by many backlinks.
  • Added full flexibility to choose the columns you need in your reports.
  • 3 preconfigured views can be easily accessed from the config dropdown

New: Subcategory Report

  • We added a new report for Subcategories. Categories like “Business” or “Marketing” are too broad for an instructor to measure and compare metrics and identify new course ideas. Topics on the other side are to narrow. The currently 137 Subcategories give you a very good indication of trending areas on Udemy and how demand and competition are evolving for those.
  • You have the same filter, sorting and display functionalities as for topics here.

 Home Dashboard

  • The upcoming database updates are dated now to see when we will update all course and ranking data.

Upcoming features:

  • Course Monitor Data – getting faster course data updates

We hope you love those updates and new features. Looking for your feedback and feature requests!

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