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How to Get More Enrollments with Co-Creation of a Udemy Course


We know that you are the expert on your topic. That’s why you share your knowledge with others on Udemy, as many other instructors do. A typical Udemy course has only one instructor, like the schoolteacher who prepares a lecture and stands alone in front of a class. That’s a pretty traditional picture. Does it need to be like this? Who said that there is only one instructor allowed? Well, there are no restrictions on the numbers of instructors. In today’s article, we would like to investigate if the number of instructors involved in the course creation makes a difference in your success on Udemy or not.

The digital world is a game-changer

Let’s take a review: When writing a paper at school or university, you did it by yourself, or you had to team up with some mates. So or so, this never changed the number of students in the classroom. The size of your class remained the same. In the digital world of online teaching, this is not applicable at all. Our data proves that online teaching puts the analog classroom upside down.

Teaching alone, which represents 86% of all Udemy courses, is a concrete way to go. Teaching with others, on the other hand, will bring you various benefits and even more students. The remaining 14 % of all Udemy courses have more than one instructor involved. This 14% are getting quite some more enrollments. How much can that be?

Some simple statistics that prove how important teamwork is

Let’s talk numbers: Most of the Udemy courses, the 86% we talked about earlier, are created by one Udemy instructor. In total, an impressive number of over 70,000 active Udemy courses are created and presented by only one person responsible. Now, make a guess how many new monthly enrollments an Udemy instructor has on average? Well, it’s about 55 new monthly enrollments. Not that bad, is it? Well, of course, the average number is not evenly distributed, but that another article.

However, when sticking with average numbers, there is a simple way to elevate that number of new student enrollments. Just team up with other experts in your field and share your turf. A stunning average of 215 new monthly Enrollments is possible when you are willing to create or even present your topic with three other experts in one online course. That’s almost four times more than teaching alone. This strategy will not only boost your enrollments. It will also make you pretty unique on the Udemy platform. Right now, there is a little more than just 300 courses that are created by four instructors.

It does not necessarily need four instructors to make a difference. Even one instructor beside you makes a significant difference and helps you reach a much bigger audience. That’s the overall trend, though. All trends have something in common. There are just trends, and variations are certain.

Winners and losers of teaming up

The numbers above represent the entire Udemy platform and therefore are average numbers. As previously mentioned, it’s a trend. Maybe you think that you occupy a particular topic that is hard to create with others? Or do you believe that your field of interest is such a broad field and, therefore, perfect for more than one instructor? That’s why we went into more detail to investigate. What course categories on Udemy are more or less successful when it comes to working alone or teaming up with others?

General uplift over various categories

We looked at the numbers of new monthly enrollments by comparing courses with one to twocourse-creators. Over Udemy categories, courses with two instructors enroll 1.17 times more than the courses with only one instructor. That’s a clear trend and suggests finding a partner for your course. This comparison works best in the category of Office Productivity. It gets 2.3times more enrollments with two instructors in comparison to one instructor.

Our research found more course categories where enrollments double at least when two instructors work together. These categories are Business, Personal Development, Teaching and Academics, Design, Marketing, Health and Fitness, and Music. Less successful but still prosperous are IT & Software, Development, Finance, and Accounting and Office Productivity. Hey nerds! We thought all the time that you spend your life all by yourself. What fantastic learning that you proved us wrong.

However, there are also some course categories on Udemy where the trend is just the opposite. A negative trend is countable for almost the entire Lifestyle category: Arts and Crafts, Food and Beverage, Esoteric Practices, Pet Care and Training, and Home Improvement are topics where the instructor is better off by creating the course alone. As you can see, there are only a few exceptions that make a negative impact on the number of monthly enrollments.We can conclude that a shared course creation on Udemy is likely to push your enrollments.

For today we will leave it to these results. Stay with us, and we will continue this topic in the future and support you in finding the right people and the proper ways to collaborate with others.

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