Teachinguide Update – November 2018

Teachinguide is live now for about 2 months. Since then we made massive changes and additions for online instructors and aspiring instructors in our web app.

Here is an overview of the biggest updates in October and November so far


  • Added a 7 days free trial
  • Reduced pricing further to make TG available for even part-timers

Course Monitor

  • Changes in Subcategory Ranking are now easy to see
  • Changes in Keyword Ranking are also now easy to see

Course Database

  • Added Unicode support for special characters in titles and author names
  • The subcategory can now be filtered
  • Made it easy to add/remove courses to course monitor from the course database

Topic Finder

  • Introduced opportunity score for topics similar to keyword opportunity
  • Introduced topic trend charts in topic finder

Keyword Hunter

  • Updated keyword opportunity calculation based on keyword ranking algorithm
  • Added keyword search and relevancy for course topic selection
  • Added much more keywords and google trend data (>14’000)

Upcoming features:

  • Paypal-Support

We really hope you love those updates as much as we are. Looking for your feedback and feature requests!

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