Udemy 2019 News Update

As we move into the last month of 2019 we’re bringing you a round up of the most significant Udemy news for the year. So what has the world’s largest online course marketplace been up to in 2019?

Udemy will launch subscription trial

In the most recent Udemy news update, as of November 21, Udemy said that it will soon launch an early release of its Udemy Pro subscription offering. Udemy Pro will contain a curated set of video and practice test courses for specific types of IT certifications.

Udemy Pro is part of a larger goal that Udemy has to offer students more options to learn and to provide a more curated approach to achieving specific learning goals.

Udemy is starting small with the Udemy Pro subscription service by addressing IT certifications that have seen the most demand recently. They have chosen initial instructors and their courses based on student feedback.

Udemy will proactively reach out to instructors to participate as the Udemy Pro service scales. Watch this space!

Udemy Live in Berlin

Udemy Live 2019 took place in October this year in Berlin.  A number of famous Udemy instructors like Phil Ebiner were keynote speakers as well as the CEO and senior managers at Udemy and the CEO of Camtasia.

Hands on workshops covered topics such as creating great courses, how to put a professional spin on videos, instructional design, marketing and growth and instructor life.

Highly successful instructors such as Scott Duffy go every year and say it is worth it to have the chance to network with other instructors and to meet the Udemy CEO, top management and have conversations with them to give feedback.

Udemy Workplace Learning Trends 2020

Udemy Workplace Learning Report 2020

Udemy for Business’ new workplace learning trends study highlights emerging skills organizations need in 2020.  Based on what over 40 million people are learning on Udemy it breaks down skills by role, industry and country.

The report identifies 5 workplace learning trends and shares 5 learning predictions for 2020.

Trends include:

  1. AI will go mainstream in 2020
  2. 2020 is about realizing the full potential of humans and machines
  3. Learning and development is starting to tackle reskilling the workforce
  4. Organizations are building a data-driven culture
  5. Countries are upskilling in highly coveted tech skills

Udemy’s 5 predictions for 2020 are:

  1. Skills mapping will chart the future workforce
  2. Focused capability academies will replace ad hoc training
  3. Communities of practice will help keep skills up to date
  4. The L&D function will radically transform over the next decade
  5. Organizations will build an internal talent marketplace

For more details, the report can be downloaded here.      

Udemy 2019 Workplace Boundaries Report

Udemy Workplace Boundaries Report
Udemy’s Workplace Boundaries Report looks at a number of interesting issues.

Udemy for Business conducted a study that explores the personal-professional boundaries in the workplace. Among other results, the study found that workplace bullying is commonplace with 66% of employees having experienced it. The study also found that businesses do not know how to respond to bullying.  

The report also covers a variety of workplace-related topics such as bringing pets to work (66% believe that pets do not belong at work) and hugging (52% do not believe that hugging at work is OK).

One of the biggest contributors to boundary confusion at work is social media. 46% of coworkers feel pressured to accept a coworker’s social media request while 63% of coworkers keep their profiles private to avoid having coworkers following them.

The study cites that the reason for inappropriate boundaries is that managers assume that coworkers know how to interact with each other instead of explicitly covering the related issues. The report cites a need for manager training on how to handle workplace boundary issues.

More information on the report and its conclusions can be found here.

Top Investors List Udemy as one of Top Companies to Grow

According to top venture capitalists, Udemy’s future is bright. Investors from Greycroft, Science, Lere Hippeau and others who control millions of dollars recently named Udemy among the companies most likely to take off with explosive growth in 2020.

Reasons cited for this were that Udemy is able to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of eLearning. Investors also noted that there are options for everyone on Udemy and, if a skill is trending Udemy will have it first.

Udemy Launched in India

Udemy is establishing an employee hub in India one of its fastest-growing markets that is second in market share only to the USA. According to Udemy CEO Gregg Coccari, Udemy’s rapid growth in India is driven by increasing demand from students, instructors, and companies for affordable skills training.

So far, Udemy is experiencing doubling revenue in India over the last six months. The company is building on a base of millions of learners and thousands of instructors already based out of India. It also has many enterprise and government customers already for Udemy for Business.

Udemy’s New Denver Office Carries On Unique San Fran Culture

Udemy culture
These framed sayings in Udemy’s offices give a sense of its culture

A recent Udemy news article interviewed employees in Udemy’s new Denver office to find out what is so unique about working at Udemy. As Udemy’s Customer Success Manager Han Hong described it, “This is the first company I’ve worked at where people aren’t afraid of failing.”

Hong goes on to say that because the company’s ultimate goal is to learn and grow from everything they do, people aren’t afraid of failing and that attitude breeds innovation and creativity.

Among other unique aspects of working for Udemy, employees get free access to every course on the Udemy.com and Udemy for Business platforms, as well as a yearly stipend that can be used for other professional development and training.

Udemy has a company event for just about every hobby or interest for employees to enjoy. It hosts wellness events, bowling nights, yoga classes, cooking classes, karaoke, sports outings and more. The company also hosts an annual awards ceremony, the Demmys, to honor outstanding employee achievements.

Udemy is also invested in “eating its own chocolate” by ofering “DEAL Hours” to employees. DEAL stands for Drop Everything And Learn, and it refers to how employees must spend one hour a month dedicated to their own career development.

Udemy Expands to Indonesia

In other Udemy expansion news, Udemy has entered Indonesia to support the development of the country’s teaching and development process. It will help both local instructors and students improve learning.

Udemy’s program in Indonesia will feature learning content in Indonesian language, a localised platform for both website and Android or iOS apps, payment method through bank transfer or by local partners such as Alfamart, Alfamidi, or Lawson, as well as setting up, a mini studio in Jakarta as the first Udemy studio in Asia.

Udemy says of its program in Indonesia,

“Our purpose is not only to focus to the people who are eager to learn, but to also assist the instructors to create quality content. We’re hopeful that our production studio in Jakarta will empower local instructors to share their knowledge and create a course on Udemy. We believe that the best teachers aren’t always found in classrooms and we look forward to having many talented local instructors join us.” – Giri Suhardi, Market Manager for Indonesia.

Summary of Udemy News

It’s clear that if you thought Udemy had grown so fast that it couldn’t grow anymore, you are wrong. It seems the company is poised to use its enormous existing market share and user base to expand into other countries. With the hosting of its annual Udemy Live event in Europe and expansion into two Asian countries, the company is clearly pursuing an international expansion.

In addition, it seems to be experimenting with new business models such as a subscription service and building Udemy studios in developing countries such as Indonesia. Clearly its culture of creativity and innovation is the driving force behind these new moves and the reason that investors are predicting explosive growth.

Learning and development is a huge industry and Udemy is squarely poised to develop its business model in any number of ways within this industry. This is why if you are an online instructor you’ll want to get onto the Udemy platform and ride the wave that is Udemy growth.

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