Last week, we discussed the impact of Udemy’s Black Friday Sale on online course enrollments.  We saw that by and large the Udemy sale on Black Friday greatly increased enrollments across all categories.

The next Udemy sale will be the Udemy January Sale. In January, will be offering courses for $10.99 each to ring in the new year. If you currently have courses on Udemy, now is a great time to think about promoting your course and getting it ready for another big Udemy sale.  And if you are looking to launch a course, it is also a great time to launch. The January Udemy Sale greatly increases your chances of garnering many more new enrollments than any other time of the year. There’s so many Udemy sales that people ask how often does Udemy do sales. This, of course, is to the benefit of both the instructors and the students.

Why the Udemy January Sale is So Important

January is the time for New Year’s resolutions and making changes.  For many potential students and serial course buyers alike a new year = acquiring new skills on In January Udemy organic sales have one of the biggest spikes of the year.

Following are some examples of course instructors’ sales trajectory during the January Udemy sale. The first graph below shows what happened after a new instructor launched his very first course in the month of December 2015 in the run up to the January 2016 sale, through the end of the sale. You will see in blue that much of the growth was from Udemy organic searches. This is the power of the January Udemy sale.

Udemy sales graph


The second graph below also shows how in multiple years, the Udemy January Sale promotes spikes in Udemy organic sales.

Udemy Earnings Graph

Even though the above data is a bit dated, we can see in the example below that the January spike still holds true in 2018 and that most Udemy sales come from Udemy organic searches.

Udemy sales graph


The big idea is that following the January Udemy sale, so long as you are promoting your class well to the many new enrollments obtained through the January Udemy sale, your enrollments should continue to increase in the months AFTER the Udemy sale.

How To Get the Most Out of the January Udemy Sale

Of course, this kind of spike in course enrollments is not guaranteed just by the sheer fact that Udemy does a big January sale.  As an instructor, you must be continuously engaging in all of the suggested best practices for both course creation and course promotion (see Teachinguide’s previous blogs for some tips in this area).

In this respect, there are a few key steps you should take in the run up to the Udemy  sale to help maximize your enrollments. It would be best if you ask how often does Udemy do sales so you can prepare yourself and time your marketing efforts and updates in line with the Udemy sales.

Below we make suggestions for already existing courses. At this point in time – it would be difficult to get a course together and promoted properly in the run up to the January sale. Nevertheless, if you are about to launch a course, some of these tips could help too.

1. Get your online course into shape

  • Update your materials – whether it be new data, new links/resources, new quizzes, new videos. Regardless of topic, there will always be new information popping up that is worth your mentioning in your online course.
  • Add new lessons – this is the most obvious update and may encourage existing students who haven’t finished their course to do so and submit a review, thereby improving your engagement before January.\

2.  Update your bonus lecture

This is where you promote your course. Make the most of this lecture because January is likely when it will receive the most views. The next udemy sale is going to be a long time from January. Include discount coupons for all of your courses, link to a free lead magnet on your website, ebook or free course.  It’s a great opportunity to build up your mailing list so use it wisely.

3.  Make sure you publish the updated course in plenty of time

As a new instructor, you will have to go through Udemy’s identification verification process and course quality review. Give this up to a week to happen. As an existing instructor you want your course to be updated close enough to the January sale to be considered fresh, but not so close that you may not get any reviews for the updated course. Now is a good time! This will ensure that you’ve mustered enough credibility and yet still has the allure of a new online course.

4.  Increase the price of your course

This tactic is meant to increase the perceived value of your course during Udemy’s January Sale.  The greater the discount, the more value is perceived by the potential buyer. This is what makes Udemy sales more effective. That said, this is not the time to unrealistically mark up your $20, 1-hour course to $200. The increase must be within reason and stick the to principles of value creating courses.

5.  Update course title, subtitle and description

Check that your keywords and keyword phrases are still relevant. Ask friends to give you feedback to improve descriptive and persuasive aspects. Teachinguide can help you determine how you are ranking for your keywords and if there are other more popular keywords you can use. If you want to know how, read our blog on Keyword Ranking, do a free trial or contact us at to get started. Know that the Udemy sales of your online course is largely dependent on how interesting you make your course to be.

6.  Create a new promo video

It’s a good idea to do some pre-sale promotion of course. A new video will catch your followers’ attention, especially if people on your list have not yet made a purchase but are considering one.

7.  Engage existing students

You are allowed 4 educational announcements per month and 2 promotional announcements on Udemy. December is the time to use all of these if you can!

For promotional announcements, you want to get as many people as you can interested in your course. Start engaging exis ting and potential students towards the end of December. Announce your new updates and send along with your new promotional video. Outline what your new material is about and how they can benefit from taking new lessons.

You can then send another follow up promotional message to encourage more engagement. You can ask students what they thought of materials, encourage them to get in touch, and post questions.  Send a personal message to students who completed the course. 

Send promotional announcements with discounted coupons for each of your courses to all your existing students for the next Udemy sale.  And don’t be afraid to give out a huge discounts to get  a lot of sales before January!  Increasing sales in the run up to the Udemy January sale will push you up in the rankings and you will thus be seen by more students during January sale.

You can also send out educational announcements. In these don’t be promotional. You can simply send readers a blog post related to what course they are taking or give them something else of value – a cheat sheet, checklist, ebook, whatever.  Then follow up and ask them what they thought.

That’s it! With a little extra work over the next few weeks, you stand a chance to greatly increase your enrollments. We hope these tips are helpful and we at Teachinguide wish you big spikes in enrollments during the Udemy Sale in January!

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