Teachinguide is the only big data platform for online instructors. You can think of it as “Google Analytics for education.” But by October 1st it will have much more than that. Teachinguide will provide you actionable ways to make more money teaching online, through your existing courses, new courses, and new private classes for global clients.

To learn more about the “New and Expanded Teachinguide,” you should attend one of the free webinars scheduled throughout September


Every Wednesday and Friday throughout September

7 am Pacific | 10 am Eastern | 3 pm London | 6 pm Dubai | 7:30 pm Delhi

Learn what's new and powerful.  How analytics and visualizations are changing the online education game for instructors.

We will discuss the many enhancements to Teachinguide including:
Greatly improved research and analytics functionality so you can understand immediately where you stand and how to improve your course sales online;
Powerful visualizations of online teaching data (including bubble graphs, donut charts…, and many more) so you can see what’s hot, what’s not, what is trending, and how to take advantage of many gaps in the online teaching market; and
Improved and expanded automated course advisor recommendations, so that you know exactly how to make changes to your course or courses to improve its visibility online and earnings, whether on Udemy, Skillshare, your own site, or elsewhere.
You will also receive a special plan code to lock in for life the current low Teachinguide prices, saving you 50% below the new prices if you start your subscription on or before September 30th.