These 13 (we thought this number appropriate considering the current global situation) Udemy courses provide some inspiration and ideas for how to optimize all those hours you might be spending indoors for the foreseeable future due to COVID19.

We put together this list of Udemy courses as a guide for things you can do to improve your lifestyle and career and keep your sanity while working from home and practicing “social distancing”. Please note we receive no affiliate fees from these courses!

Are your thinking about creating a Udemy course? Some of the topics these online courses cover might inspire your own course creation ideas, too!

We at TeachingGuide wish you all health and happiness during these difficult times!

Udemy Courses About Coronavirus

Self Preparedness - Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Dos & Don'ts
Udemy instructors are creating new courses and adapting courses to focus on COVID19 concerns.

It makes sense that some have rushed to create courses about the topic that everyone is talking about. Here are a few top examples.

How to Prepare for the Coronavirus Disease

This free 30-minute Udemy course will give you the basics of COVID19. It covers topics such as how to prepare, symptoms, what to do if you are sick, how to create a household plan and more.

It aims to help you know the facts and to prevent the spread of rumors concerning the coronavirus.

How to Grow Your Business During the Coronavirus Crisis

Never waste an opportunity to make money in a crisis – this is what some would say about COVID19. While this Udemy course is clearly brand new with just 5 enrollments and 1 rating, we still felt it worth a mention just to point out that some people might try to make a profit during this crisis despite the odds.

If anything, this brief Udemy course might lift your mood about your own business situation and provide some hope. The course provides in its introduction examples of businesses that have succeeded during a disaster, which might provide some inspiration.

That said, this Udemy course is just 42 minutes long and costs $30, so it’s a bit pricey. The author does however, gives away 20 minutes of material free in the introduction that might be worth a look if you are seeking some inspiration on this topic.

Personal Emergency Planning Covid 19 edition

This course started out as a general emergency preparedness course covering all types of emergency management fields of work and principles of emergency planning and how to prepare for different types of events.

However with the onset of COVID 19, the instructor has adapted the course to this pandemic. If anything, after taking a Udemy course like this you might emerge feeling better prepared for this and future crises.

At $20 for 8 hours of video, it’s a pretty good buy if you are into this sort of thing.

In addition to these 3 Udemy courses, currently, there are a couple dozen other Udemy courses that have either been created from scratch to be COVID19-specific, or adapted from their original purposes to address COVID19 issues. Here’s a link to the list if you are interested:

10 Udemy Courses To Maximize Time Spent Indoors

Image result for workout indoors
Working out is one key to staying healthy and prepared during your extended indoor time.

Herbalism: Antiviral Herbs and How To Use Them: Herbs that boost your immune system and fight viral infections

There are several herbal medicine Udemy courses; however this course focuses specifically on antivirals. It is short and to the point. 

The body’s best defense when it comes to fighting off viruses is the immune system. This course shows you how to incorporate herbs into your daily routine to boost nutrition and anti-viral compounds.

It covers 15 antiviral herbs that you can source or prepare. It also covers how to source the herbs, store and dry them, as well as how to make your own tinctures, tonics, teas and so forth. These antivirals are best to take at the onset of illness but also to help fight the virus.

One negative: Clearly this Udemy course was put together quickly. It’s an old fashioned PowerPoint slide presentation with voice over. You could potentially obtain the same information by researching and reading blogs.

How To Become a Best-Selling Udemy Instructor (Unofficial)

If you’ve been unfortunate and lost your income for the time being, or if you’ve been putting off creating your first online course, now’s the time to consider creating a Udemy course!  This Udemy course is the top-selling course on how to become a Udemy instructor. 

It gets very high ratings at 4.9, and at 2 hours in length is quite digestible while you shelter in place or self-isolate.

If you need some inspiration, Dr. Sandhriel the instructor gives three free introductory videos that tell you about Udemy’s ranking algorithm, her formula for becoming a successful Udemy instructor and provides a snapshot of her income from Udemy courses.

Dr. Sandhriel has over 40 online courses and 43,000 students. She is an accomplished author, speaker, coach and she has even been homeless in her life and made a comeback to be a successful instructor.

This course also garners a 4.9 rating. 

(Looking for other resources to learn how to create Udemy courses? Check out our guide)

Work From Home Jobs: Top 10 Best Freelance Jobs!

If you’ve unfortunately lost your job for a while due to this pandemic, you might want to start exploring other ways to work from your home and earn money.  This Udemy course gives you some unique ideas for ways to earn money.

It’s worth noting that there a lot of courses on Udemy teaching people how to earn passive income. However, many of these receive less than 4.0 ratings and don’t have many ratings – you have to wonder if there is any substance to these.

This course, however, is a little dated, but has a rating of 4.5 and 6,000 enrollments.

Home Workouts: 7 Day Bodyweight HIIT Workout Program

The closure of many gyms along with winter weather will have some stay at homers feeling a bit sluggish and perhaps taking in more calories than usual.  While you are sitting at home eating out of boredom you might want to start a new workout routine to keep busy and healthy. 

This Udemy course is a little dated, but has over 220 good reviews from >11,000 students. Many Udemy fitness courses suffer from lower ratings. The course, offered by personal trainers Bodyfit in London, is based on high-intensity interval training and requires no special equipment. It’s geared to busy professionals so it’s quick too.

Feeling unfit? Don’t worry! The course gives you a benchmark test in the free introductory video so that you can assess what level to work out at.  It even gives you a free 20-minute workout in the introduction. 

14-Day Yoga Detox and Empowerment Course

If you find yourself in the very unfortunate situation of a 2-week self quarantine, or if you live in an area where your movement is limited, taking up Yoga can be a great stress reliever. This 14-day

Udemy course on Yoga, taught by Sadie Nardini a celebrity yoga teacher, gets great ratings (4.5) and has over 13,000 students enrolled. It provides plenty of instruction (17.5 hours) and content as well as a diet to follow and recipes. That’s a lot!

How good will you feel if you take your two weeks indoors to get healthy, both physically and mentally? This course provide an entire hour of instruction for free in the introductory video. Why not give it a try!

How to Start an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget

This highly rated and recently updated Udemy course can provide you with yet another work from home income stream – selling products on Amazon. 

If you’ve been wondering how to do this and looking to create a passive or active income stream, now might be the time to learn how this can be done.  After all, if you are sitting at your laptop all day working, you can squeeze in a bit of planning towards an office free future, right?

What’s great about this course is that it’s for everybody, regardless of income level and budget.  With a high 4.6 rating and over 62,000 enrollments, it’s a good bet for such a popular topic.

The author, Theo MacArthur has created this course based on her personal selling experience over many years. She offers several free introductory videos and shares her personal income for those of you who are curious.

Management Skills: New Manager Training in Essential Skills

Have you been looking for a promotion or career move, but now, sitting at home working remotely, perhaps you are concerned about that?  Maybe you are a new manager and the start of your management career has been cut short or significantly altered by working from home. 

Why not start upskilling yourself with skills that will make you successful in the workplace?  We recently wrote an article “12 Skills Employers Will Look For in 2020”.  One of the key skills employers will need in this digital age is leadership and management skills.

This recently updated course provides instruction on how to engage and motivate employees and how to lead teams and resolve conflicts. The course is organized around three critical blocks of skills:  managing and motivating individuals; leading high performing teams; engaging their people in the continuous improvement of work processes.

This Udemy course is especially good if you are a highly technically skilled person looking to move into management.

How To Make A Digital Download Website With WordPress

There are a lot of Udemy courses providing instruction on how to create a website, mostly in WordPress. However, many of these are outdated or quite general in nature.

This Udemy course teaches you how to monetize any digital assets you have created. Think ebooks, photography, music, recipes – anything that can be downloaded.  The course is updated, unlike several others in its category, and gets a 4.8 rating.

The preview is also very informative and might inspire some new ideas for how to make money in your free time at home.

It’s also short at just 1 hour, why not give it a try and see?

The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2020

It’s no secret that data science and business analytics is a booming career option.  If you’re like many out there, you might be considering a move into this field to upgrade your salary and career options. This Udemy course with its > 75,000 enrollments proves there is big demand for these kinds of skills.

Why not take this time to upskill yourself then? This course provides a comprehensive education on the fundamentals you will need to become a business analyst and put yourself on the road to garnering one of those high data scientist salaries.

This Udemy course provides 20 hours of video and a whopping 136 downloads. It teaches basic skills you will need for any analyst job – SQL, Excel, and Tableau.

That said, you need no prior experience to do this course, which is a bonus.

The One Week Parenting Miracle

It’s no secret that working from home while the kids are out of school is a big challenge for many parents right now. It may be time to brush up on your parenting skills and put some new parenting tools in your disciplinary arsenal. 

Here’ s quick Udemy course to get you up to speed, especially for kids in that delicate “pre-teen” age. It’s 2 hours long, so easy to digest.  The instructor, Dr. Randy Hyde, PhD. has been a clinical child and family psychologist for 30 years. He also provides several introductory videos that can get you started.

In about a week your kids will be completely turned around!

We hope that reading about these courses provides some inspiration and distraction for you in these stressful times. Let us know what courses you are taking and creating while you work from home or sit out the self isolation orders. Inspire us!

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