Udemy sale season is on the horizon. Towards the end of October, typically Udemy course sales start to pick up a little. Udemy sometimes runs a “course creation” contest or incentives around this time of year.

Why? Because this is the time of year that potential students anticipate buying Udemy courses (or for that matter, anything) on sale. For over 5 years they have been “trained” to anticipate this time of year. So Udemy wants to be sure that the selection of courses is fresh and enticing.

That means you should be sure that your own online courses are fresh and enticing. We’ll go through what exactly this means in this article.

Why Udemy Sale Season is Important

November is often the biggest month for Udemy sales. True, your course will be discounted, in some cases quite dramatically. But Udemy sale season is about volume sales. It’s not unusual to see visitors to the Udemy site double or triple during November.

And it’s not only visitors that multiply, but the number of courses that each visitor purchases at once typically increases. You see, during the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, people are sitting around after a big meal, relaxing and thinking about what they want for Christmas, what they want to give friends and family for Christmas, and how they are going to get it during the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that abound.

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After a big Thanksgiving meal, people in the USA relax and binge on purchases

That’s why November is the start of Udemy’s sale season. People are in a buying mood. That means they are looking for bargains and more apt to purchase more online courses than they normally would. More so than in December.

So it makes sense that if you have a course you’re planning to launch, launch it before November – or at least during November.

There’s still a few weeks left! As one very successful instructor put it,

“Missing Black Friday with a new course is like the ultimate Udemy instructor sin.”

And if you miss Black Friday/Cyber Monday, fret not – you can take the same steps we outline here to get ready for the January 2020 sale!

Preparing for Udemy Sale Season – 8 Steps

  1. Housecleaning

This is the time to clean up and improve your existing courses. Investigate and look at reviews and feedback over the past several months. What have students been saying is lacking or needs to change? If you don’t know, then now’s the time to ask students by reaching out to them individually, through an educational announcement or run a survey. Then take that feedback and make improvements and changes to your course.

Also, take a fresh look at your latest competitors to – how does your course compare?

2. Improve and add videos

Freshen up your course by making a few new bonus videos. Poor feedback on certain videos? Maybe you have gotten better at making videos? Then fix any videos that need updating and improving.

This is especially important if your course is 2-3 years old.

3. Redo your promo video

If you haven’t changed or updated your promotional video since you launched your course, now is the time to redo it. By now you have reviews, testimonials, more experience, feedback on course outcomes, etc. You need to go back and talk about these in your promotional video.

4. Improve your course landing page

Check your course title and subtitle – can you do better with keywords? Is your landing page optimized for SEO? Are you clearly conveying who the course is for, what the learning outcomes are and addressing key pain points or selling a transformation of sorts?

5. Create new value-adding content

Create a new PDF – a checklist, guide, assignment, resource or video. Provide more content and let existing students know. This will help to increase your reviews and encourage existing students to check out other courses you may have created.

6. Focus on getting more reviews

Speaking of reviews, Udemy rankings are focused on total reviews and average review scores. The quantity of reviews is important to ranking and you want to rank as high as you can during Udemy sale season. So it’s time to go after more reviews.

Ask yourself, what can you do to get legitimate students to leave a review? You can make educational announcements reminding students how important reviews are to you for improving the course. Try to find ways to interact with students.

7. Start engaging students and potential students

Plan for how you will promote your course during the Udemy sale. Focus on building and improving potential student relationships. Create an email campaign that will give customers and followers time to get excited so they will remember your brand when it comes time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

8. Launch a new course!

If you are slugging along creating your next course, hurry it up to the finish line and get it approved by Udemy! There’s still 3-4 weeks left before they start promoting Black Friday! Haven’t created a course yet? Make a short one and ofer it for free to get enrollments and students!

Take advantage of the triple volume of visitors this month and get more eyeballs looking at your course and your landing page.



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